Brand : DÉSOLÉ
Price : €16,84



We have teamed up with our friends practice-practise to collaborate on a book project called ‘FACELESS’. Best described as “A Visual index of the many uses and forms of masks within society throughout history”. FACELESS showcases a wide variety of masks from across fashion, music, traditional historical uses and across contemporary culture.


Alongside the book this collaboration also features two different t-shirt designs both of which are available in black and white, with designs taken from the unique graphics and illustrations found in the book.


50% of the total profits will be donated between TEGV, an amazing organization with a focus on children’s education here in Turkey. The remaining 50% of the donation will be made to Stacy Abrams’ organization: Fair Fight. An incredible nonprofit that focuses on combating voter suppression among people of color as well as young voters.


Thanks to everyone who has helped to bring this project to life! We are so excited to share it with you.



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