Brand : Abtira
Price : €10,75(Vat included)

Sesame oil + pumpkin seed oil + carrot seed oil + fraksyone coconut oil + fraksyone shea butter + vitamin E + cinnamon essential oil

This blend contains valuable oils that help you tan, as well as sesame, carrot seed, coconut oil and provides a small amount of sun protection. Bronze is enriched with fractionated shea butter. 

Shea butter is in a light liquid form that is excellent during the hot summer months. Bronze also contains a high dose of antioxidant vitamin E and is fortified with a dense amount of pumpkin seed oil that instantly gives you glowing skin like gold.

How to Use: For a bright and bronze skin, you can apply it to your whole body without going out in the sun or while sunbathing. Bronze moisturizes and nourishes your skin and provides a small amount of sun protection.

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